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Lingo Driving License Translation in Abu Dhabi

Lingo Traffic Services is an approved center to provide driving license translation in Abu Dhabi as Arabic translation of foreign driving license is required along with the submission of the application to the traffic system. The customer will receive an approval sms to his mobile number. Arabic translation of UK driving license in Abu Dhabi is required. If you have a UK driving license or if you have US driver’s license and need to convert it to a UAE driving license in Abu Dhabi, you have to get Arabic translation of your foreign driving license and the application should be submitted to the traffic system by an approved agency. UK driving license will be converted to a UAE driving license after completing all the requirements through us. UK driving license conversion to a UAE driving license shall be done in three steps. The First step is to get an eye test; the second step is to get your UK driving license translated and submitted to the traffic system; and the last step is to pay license issuance fees through Tamm application. If you have a US driving license, you can also convert it to a driving license in Abu Dhabi by following the same steps. With Lingo you can convert your European driving license to a UAE one. Ukrainian driving license, Serbian driving license, South Africa driving license, Dutch driving license, Romanian driving license, Canadian driving license, and Chinese license can also be converted to a UAE driving license. You can convert UK driving license in Abu Dhabi easily through Lingo. Licenses from India, Pakistan, and Philippines are eligible for golden chance driving license in Abu Dhabi

To Translate your Foreign Licence in Abu Dhabi, you just need to head to our office with the Original License, Emirates ID, one Photograph and the Eye Test. You can call or whatsapp our translator at 0555842144

driving license translation in Abu Dhabi

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